Ingenero participated in Ethylene Middle-East Technology Conference (EMET) 2014 from October 19-22, 2014 held at Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain as SILVER SPONSOR. EMET featured following technical sessions conducted by Ingenero.

  • Software driven real-time tracking of DSG fouling by Mangesh Shenwai. [Click here to view PDF]
  • Extending furnace run length and coil life through de-coke procedure and optimization by Vinod Kumar Mishra. [Click here to view PDF]
  • Feed gas compressor system fouling and corrosion monitoring and mitigation by B S Rao. [Click here to view PDF]
  • Ingenero also showcased it’s services through stall at the exhibition which received excellent response from the ethylene manufacturers in the middle-east.

Develop Models

  • Understanding the current model
  • Customizing and upgrading Mathematical Model
  • Testing & implementing Mathematical Model

Ingenero Performs Evaluations and Training

  • Performance evaluation
  • Continuous remote monitoring
  • Rigorous scenario analysis from offsite

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