Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS™)

Ingenero’s Enterprise Energy Management System (EEMS™) provides the foundation for efficient utilization and optimizing available energy within the facility.


Images Benefits

  • An accurate and up-to-date information system capable of providing the necessary inputs for reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Provides data required by the Energy Management Team for optimization, planning, reports, records and tracking of improvements
  • Energy management system enables near real time energy distribution monitoring and can save 2-5% of energy consumption

Images The Energy module includes

  • Representation of energy flow through unit showing energy usage with time
  • Graphical user interface that provides metrics and real time feedback so users can see energy consumptions
  • Integration of environmental emissions across the facility
  • Measurement and monitoring of the carbon footprint on real time basis
  • Up-to-date information and motive for reduction of environmental footprint
  • Tracking of the improvements and scope for carbon trading
Graphical Representation Energy flow

Images EEMS provides easy and efficient access to information for facilitating necessary action

  • GUI’s have been configured to comprise pictorial representation of energy network.
  • Compares real time energy metrics values with the best achieved performance and standard operating values.
  • Provides up-to-date database and historical trends for all metrics for the analysis and identification of energy conservation opportunities.
  • Provides probable causes for the alarmed metrics for analysis and proactive actions.
  • Generates a daily energy report emphasizing the day performance and saving potential of all units.

Pictorial Representation

Images Key functional capabilities of complex wide EEMS

  • Consolidation of data from different information systems for energy management
  • Monitor and optimize energy usage throughout the enterprise (operational energy optimization)
  • Planning and predictive capability (day ahead, week ahead etc.)
  • Role specific information in different formats for multiple users
  • Reconciliation of data and meter monitoring
  • Monitoring benefits of any efficiency improvements
  • Facilitate reduced flaring
  • Investment analysis of multiple scenarios

Graphical Representation Key Area

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