FLAME™ Flare Study & Emission Management Tool

FLAME is a software tool for Flare & Emission Management System which enables the clients to meet the requirements of regulatory compliances by estimating flare study & emissions from all the sources.


flare study consultant FLAME fortifies the plant engineer with:

  • Estimation of flaring & emissions accurately from all the sources (flare pressure controllers, sweep gas sources, equipment depressurization, etc.) and report these in specified format to statutory and regulatory bodies.
  • Estimation & reports submission of Air pollutants & Green House Gas emissions as per standard environment norms (US EPA for particulate matters, SO2, H2S, NOx, CO, VOC etc. & EU-ETS for CO2, N2O, CH4, CO2 eq. Etc.)
  • Reporting of flaring as per regulatory authority:
    • Flared Gas Volume, Composition and Heating Value, Flared Duration, Type and Flare details, Type of Flaring Incidents etc.
  • A way to track improvements and identify scope carbon trading opportunities
  • Insights for Integration of environmental emissions across the facility
  • A methodology for flare minimization
  • An up-to-date database of plant emission data
  • Quantification of flared gas for any incident
flare study consultant

flare study consultant FLAME inputs:

  • Uses in-built dynamic flow equations for actual pressure & temperature conditions
  • Automatically captures and uses minute wise data input from DCS for accurate estimation
  • Automatically captures flare gas data from all sources:
    • Pressure Relief valves, Flare Pressure Controllers, Sweep Gas Sources, Blow down, Equipment Depressurization, Catalyst Regeneration incidents etc.

flare study consultant Features:

  • An MS-Excel based model with graphical user interface allows easy navigation.
  • VBA programming enables quick calculations and rapid model execution.
  • Seamless synthesis of theory based calculations and actual plant data to reflect reality.
  • Flexible time period selection.
  • Automated operation to save time.
  • Daily, Monthly & Annual report generation customizable as per environmental regulatory authority requirement.
emission management system