Long track record of successful application of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Application of Industrial IoT techniques by INGENERO has enabled Continuous Operations Performance Improvement for several process manufacturers, by separating the data source from specialized analytics expertise centers and ultimate users.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables connected assets that perform better, react to their environment, and have less unplanned downtime. IIoT serves up data from connected devices in the plant or in the field and then processes this data using sophisticated new analytics techniques and execution systems. While much of the current focus on IIoT revolves around generating and transmitting data, it is the analytics that liberates the value of IIoT Big Data.

Ingenero has effectively used this concept as a platform to deliver an innovative service and business model.

Information-driven systems based on increased connectivity, real-time data and advanced analytics offer better performance in the face of complexity, as well as enhanced competitive advantage in the plant. Using intelligent, connected production assets, advanced analytics and a new service delivery model, Ingenero has helped their process manufacturing clients benefit from dramatically improved performance, lower operating costs, and increased reliability.

Although plant operations and maintenance typically generate vast quantities of data, both structured and unstructured, operations and maintenance can only leverage a small percentage of data to make better decisions. Most process data from plant systems is stored in process historians archives and represents a challenge predicting process conditions or the assets that may perform poorly and impact the process bottom line. To improve process performance, a level of operational intelligence and understanding of data is required. Engineers and other stakeholders must be able to search data over a specific timeline and visualize all related plant events quickly and efficiently. This includes data generated by the process control systems, maintenance and lab systems, and observations made by operators and engineers. Moreover making sense of this diverse data requires expertise not typically available at plant locations. Utilizing IIoT concepts, Ingenero has leveraged current and past data and helped clients with predictive as well as prescriptive process analytics solutions, predicting more precisely what is occurring or what will happen in the future with the Process.