IPOGware™ Smart Process Operating Tool - Online

Plant operators and engineers readily and automatically presented information and actions based on automatic analysis and interpretation of plant and equipment data and chemical engineering fundamentals, on a daily basis.


Images IPOGWARE assists the plant operator and engineer:

  • With important insights related to their plant operations on daily basis WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION.
  • Save on man-hours expended on MONITORING plant operations, reconciling data and generating reports and helps focus directly to the implementation of action.
  • Take timely actions and schedule preventive maintenance thus minimizing unforseen failures or unplanned shutdowns.
  • With an integrated robust database consisting years of plant operating experience captured as intelligent information.
  • Utilize data that is normally archived and proactively attracting attention to trends that would normally go unnoticed.
KPA Overview

Images Assistance by IPOGware to specific teams:

  • Assists operations and technical services team more effectively analyze and troubleshoot the process.
  • Assists maintenance team readily access critical information through long term
    trends, calculation modules, diagnostic module & knowledge databank of all the equipment.
  • Assists decision makers with key information such as executive summary, tarcking of KPA’s and economic indicators of overall plant operations at a user defined frequency.

User Interface

Images Special Features:

  • MIS, daily reports, Diagnostics & knowledge bank can be customizable to specific requirements.
  • Customized performance metrics for different process equipment & analysis of its long term trends.
  • Flexible configuration & monitoring of new equipment such as furnaces, compressors, heat exchangers etc.
  • Flexibility for plant engineer to add or create comments & recommendations based on conditional rules.
  • Long term trending of calculated parameters, integrated viewing of laboratory information along with DCS data.
  • Automatic generation of reports based on available online data, calculations and diagnostics and a pre-defined frequency and schedule.
Graphical Representation Daily Reports