Ingenero's OPTRAINER (Operator Trainer) is configured with models & physical property methods and include scenarios that are particular to the client's specific plant and process.


Images Benefits of OPTRAINER includes

  • A typical 20% reduction in the training time of an experienced workforce.
  • For a non-experienced workforce, training times reduces from four to six months.
  • helps accelerate Advanced Process Controls (APC) implementation.
  • Operator best practices are reinforced through refresher training.


  • Software-based tie-back controls checkout to validate DCS I/O configuration in the most efficient manner possible
  • Medium conformity models to quickly publicize operators with new controls and HMI
  • Drag and drop flow-sheeting or auto model generation of thorough high reliability models suitable for full DCS, SIS and PLC controls validation
  • Full-scope operator training for start up, shutdown and other intermittent operations

ImagesWho will benefit:

  • Operators
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Implementation Engineers
  • System Administrators and/or Plant Management

Graphical Representation Optrainer