Process Hazard Analysis Risk Ranking Model (PHARM™)

PHARM (Process Hazard Analysis Risk Ranking Model) is a software tool used to rank the risk of various types of Hazard occurring in the plant facility.


hazop consultants in india PHARM allows the client to:

  • Rank the risk of various types of hazards.
  • Calculate independent protection layers for each equipment, existing safe ranking, estimating future ranking of the equipment and the lessons learnt from existing HAZOP studies.
  • Identify initiating event and thus the equipment affected due to such events.

hazop consultants in indiaFeatures of PHARM include:

  • Graphical presentation of results of a given unit with all hazard records makes for easier understanding.
  • Report making is much simpler and faster compared to excel based reports.
  • Auto PDF generation of all the hazard reports facilitates easy document management.
  • Two levels of authority included in the model controls editing/adding/deleting of new records by the user.
  • Clear Database Feature: PHARM can handle up to 2 GB of data collection. In case user needs some more space he can take the back up of file and then clear the current database.
  • Help: User can use this tab for opening a user manual which will guide and explain the terms used in model.

hazop consultants in india Application of PHARM:

  • Risk analysis of process equipment, piping, and valves.
  • Risk factor calculations on mechanical equipment to analyze economic and environmental aspects.