Proficient with multiple Processes

Images Proficient with multiple Processes

INGENERO is proficient with several different Petrochemical and Refining processes as well as specialized process technologies like Gasification, different Ethylene processes like Gas/Liquid Cracking with different configurations ranging from Front End/Back End Hydrogenation and Front End Depropaniser/Deethaniser etc.

ImagesSampling of Processes

  • Gas Processing, LNG, Pipeline
  • Refining (FCC, CDU, VDU, DCU)
  • Olefins (Ethylene / Propylene / Butadiene)
  • Ethylene Derivatives (EDC / VCM / EO / EG)
  • Propylene Derivatives (DMK, MIBK, MIBC, NBA, 2EHA)
  • Aromatics (Benzene / Styrene / Paraxylene)
  • Aromatic Derivatives (Cumene / Phenol / LAB)
  • Polymers (HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / PVC / PP)
  • Oleochemicals
  • Fiber Intermediates (MEG / DEG / TEG)
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Coal Gasification, CTL, GTL
  • Phenosolvan
  • Methanol, BPA, Synthetic Long Chain Alcohols
  • Specialties (HRPIB, PTA, PIA, FAME, Allyl Alcohol, Allyl Acetate and Derviatives, THF, Melamine ……..)
  • Fertilizers (Urea, Ammonia, Phosphates)


    Proficient in all Ethylene technologies and feedstock

  • Stone-Webster technology with Naphtha & LPG as feedstock
  • BF Goodrich technology with Propane as feedstock
  • MW Kellogg technology with Ethane as feedstock
  • MW Kellogg technology with NGL as feedstock
  • Stone-Webster technology with Ethane as feedstock
  • ABB Lummus technology with Ethane & Propane as feedstock
  • Technip technology with Ethane as feedstock