SCOT™ Supply Chain Optimizer

Use of this software enables Supply Chain teams within manufacturing organizations to optimize operations.


Images SCOT allows the Supply Chain executive:

  • Plan, execute and coordinate every aspect of the supply chain more efficiently and effectively.
  • To determine the right shipping mode, carriers and routes based on the lowest total cost of delivery, while respecting transportation constraints.
  • Facilitate increased revenue through tracking, advanced information sharing and improved response to unanticipated changes in demand.

Images Inclusion of details in SCOT:

  • Multiple disparate data sources like lead times, inventory levels, in transit times, captured in a relatively easy and timely manner.
  • Incorporation of node details such as manufacturing plant, supplier plant, warehouses & transportation routes.
  • Provision to cater to
    • - Up to 100 different countries
    • - Up to 10 shipment modes
    • - Up to 400 different types of Stock keeping units (SKUs)
    • - Up to 20 Plants / Sources (including Toller)
    • - Up to 200 Ports of loading/destination (includes Trans-shipment points)
    • - Up to 10 Trans-shipment points
    • - Up to 400 Source-Material (production) combinations
    • - Up to 400 customers
    • - Time buckets – monthly model, with a horizon of 18 months

Supply Chain Optimizer

Images Features:

  • Generic nature enables reuse to many network optimization scenarios.
  • Flexible network topology enables users to define parameters
  • Variable number (user definable) of shipment modes, sources, ports, SKUs, materials, trans-shipment points, customers, warehouses facilitates ease of operation.
  • Ability to control objective function – include / exclude costs from the objective enables customization.
  • Intelligent GUI (30 input forms with error reporting) for easy navigation.
  • Tracking reports enables rapid follow up.
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