CFD Solutions & Consultation Services

Ingenero is committed to create value by developing innovative engineering solutions with understanding of industry requirements using advanced CFD and engineering software tools.

Knowledge management & Technology Transfer

  • Develop CFD methodology
  • Custom developed scripts & routines
  • Knowledge management – handholding, anchoring & archiving.
  • Increased asset availability

Images Methodology:

  • Benchmark reference design
  • Identify degrees of freedom
    • - Evaluate what if scenarios
  • Evolve and evaluate alternative configurations
    • - Geometry parameters (shapes, sizes and locations)
    • - Variation in operating conditions (pressure, flow rate etc.)
  • Evaluate what if scenarios
  • Provide engineering solutions using CFD software tools
    • - Validate and recommend engineering solutions for realizing performance/enhancement/optimization/retrofit solutions.

Images Benefits:

  • Increase understanding with knowledge based engineering & IP creation
  • Significant performance enhancement of existing products and process.
  • Faster product development cycle at reduced cost to software CFD

Images Development of fluidic devices using CFD software tools

Product development services

  • Analysis/identification of key flow features
  • Suggestions to design teams for improved performance
  • Guidance on experiments to be conducted, if required
  • CFD validation of the final design.