Confidentiality & Security

  • The Ingenero business model (IPOG™) requires our engineers to analyze daily operating plant data and suggest optimal operating conditions in the backdrop of production and marketing constraints. To ensure that significant value addition takes place through this IPOG™ service and the one-off in-depth engineering studies undertaken by Ingenero, it is imperative for our clients to allow Ingenero engineers to access sensitive plant information such as manufacturing process details, raw material and utility unit consumption figures, etc. In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, every player is sensitive about maintaining its competitive advantages. This naturally gives rise to a concern regarding leakage of proprietary business information into the public domain.

    Ingenero enters into a confidentiality agreement with every customer. Our management recognizes the importance of closely guarding customer data. Systems have been put in place to achieve this. Some of its salient features are as follows:

Images 1.0 Confidentiality clause in service agreement with employees

Ingenero has a service agreement with each of its employees. This service agreement has a confidentiality clause, which restricts the employees from disclosing client information to third parties, not only during the tenure of their service with Ingenero, but also for a substantial period of time after engagement is over.

Images 2.0 Restricted distribution of customer information

At the beginning of every new project, a separate Project Team is formed and one person is nominated as the Project Team Leader. Team members work exclusively on the assigned project. The Project Team Leader is the custodian of all information received from the customer and is responsible for safeguarding the information.

Images 2.1 Start-up phase

During the set-up phase, plant information is received in two different forms, namely hard copies (prints) and soft copies (electronic). A comprehensive log of all incoming documents is maintained in the Documentation Centre (library).

2.1.1 Control over hard copies of documents
All hard copies (prints) are received in duplicate. One copy is kept in the custody of the Project Team Leader, who is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that the information is made available only to his/her team members on a "need-to-know" basis. The second copy is labeled as "Master Copy" and is kept under lock and key in the Documentation Center. This Master Copy serves as a back-up, if the working copy gets mutilated due to use. The person in charge of the Documentation Center is authorized to give the Master Copy only to the respective Project Team Leader. Ingenero has consciously abstained from putting up any photocopying facilities in its office to prevent clandestine unauthorized copying of documents.

2.1.2 Control over soft copies
The IT administrator creates a separate directory for every project. In consultation with the Project Team Leader, the IT administrator decides the type of access to be given to each team member (read only access OR read & write access OR full access). Everybody else outside the core project team is denied access to the project folder. All soft copies are stored in the project folder and are password protected.

Images 2.2 Regular data transfer between client site and Ingenero office

Once a project goes live, daily operating data and logs are transmitted from the customer’s plant to Ingenero office via the internet. Different modes of data transfer are used, depending upon customer preference and the hardware and software available at the customer’s end. Ingenero provides customized VB scripts to capture tag readings from the customer’s DCS system historian into Excel files. Some documents are scanned at the customer’s end and made available in PDF format. All these Excel & PDF files are then sent to Ingenero as email attachments or loaded on to password protected FTP sites or accessed by Ingenero remotely through a secured VPN connection. VB scripts at Ingenero’s end ensure automatic uploading to the respective project folders.

Images 2.3 Security measures

All the domain users have authentication by user name and password. The passwords are changed every fortnight

Folders containing data from clients have coded names so that the identity of the client is not revealed. Data files received from clients also have code names. The data files contain only tag names, values and time stamps. Without a complete tag list, units of measurement and understanding of the location and type of meter, these raw numbers would be meaningless to any intruder.

Entry to the server room is restricted and only authorized IT personnel are allowed inside. All the entries to the Server room are logged.

All the PCs and servers have McAfee Antivirus protection, which is updated automatically.

All the IT hardware is powered through a 40 KVA UPS having one hour battery backup.

Data from servers is backed up into DAT tapes, which are then kept in the custody of the IT administrator. A second back up is taken on Compact Discs (CDs) and stored at a safe location away from the office premises. Access to these premises is restricted to the Documentation Center in-charge.

Firewalls are in place to protect the data from being hacked by unauthorized outsiders.

As an additional precautionary measure, Ingenero offers exclusive data servers to clients who wish to have one at an extra cost.

Employees and visitors are barred from carrying floppies, Compact Disks (CDs), Pen drives and such other data storage devices into or out of the office premises. Checking the contents of personal handbags and frisking by security personnel at the exit gate ensures that this rule is followed in earnest.

Internet access is provided only to select people and that too from designated PCs only. A log of all incoming and outgoing emails is maintained for all users and the IT administrator monitors it periodically.