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Energy Audit Services

In today's competitive world, profit margins are rapidly shrinking as market forces decide selling prices, whereas, input prices are exponentially increasing.

Cost cutting is vital to business. Out of five M's of management; Men, Material, Machine, Money and Methods, only methods have potential to provide high cost cutting with low investment. The challenge is now technological; the new focus area has shifted to performance improvement.

Ingenero provides energy reduction services and energy audit services.

Images “Energy Audit: Path finder for Energy Savings”

  • Diagnostic study to scan entire energy scenario of a facility and identify Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs), which on implementation lead to Energy Savings.
  • Energy Audit can typically identify savings in Energy of the order of 15 to 30% or even more.

Images The Energy Audit includes:

  • Analysis of historical data of existing energy monitoring and operational practices
  • Process evaluation (benchmarking)
  • Performance evaluation of utilities
  • Cost benefit analysis of the Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • Preparation of an action plan for implementation

Images Electrical Energy Audit:

  • Current Electrical Consumption Norms
  • Historical demand profile & Power factor
  • Power Quality (Voltage, Harmonics)
  • Transformer Loading and losses
  • Monitoring and Performance evaluation of Individual Equipments like Motors, Pumps etc.
  • COP & EER for Refrigeration & AC Systems
  • Leakages/Losses in pneumatic systems (Compressed Air usage)
  • ID & FD Fans and Cooling Towers

Images Lighting Energy Audit:

  • Current Lux level and supply voltage
  • Lighting Automation (Timers, sensors)
  • Task Lighting (Height, Level)
  • Architectural Changes
  • Potential Savings up to 50%

Images Study DG/TG operations:

  • SEGR (Specific Energy Generation Ratio)
  • Loading
  • PF & Frequency

Images Thermal Energy Audit:

  • Over all heat and mass balance
  • Boilers, Furnaces and Fired Heaters
  • Ejectors, Dryers and Evaporators
  • Steam Trap and Pipe Insulation Survey
  • Current Steam Consumption Norms
  • Cogeneration Performance
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Pinch Analysis

Images Key Deliverables:

  • Energy Audit Report would contain
    • - Summary of Identified ECO’s
    • - Calculation Basis for ECO’s
    • - Cost Benefit Analysis for ECO’s
  • Implementation Assistance for ECO’s
  • Detailed Monitoring & Verification Protocol for above ECO’s
  • Estimated Emission Reduction from ECO’s
  • Benchmarking of Specific Energy Consumption i.e. Energy consumption per ton of production (Kwh/MT or Kcal/MT)
  • Best Practices for improving Energy Efficiency

Images Benefits:

  • Savings in Energy consumption and Energy cost without compromising production
  • Low Specific energy consumption gives an extra edge over competitors
  • Lower emissions help in maintaining social obligations
  • Helps in developing Energy Awareness among employees.
  • Helps in National Resource Conservation

“Negawatt” produced by reducing energy need saves more than a “Megawatt” generated

Images We at INGENERO,are committed to cost cutting through Energy Conservation by:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Innovative technical solutions
  • Meticulous planning
  • Continuous monitoring

Our experience suggests that high saving potential (15% or above), can be achieved through focused efforts.