Equipment Health

Higher Asset Availability is a Critical Component of Operational Excellence

Reducing common-cause variation is a key to Ingenero’s long-term availability improvement. Most manufacturing plants experience a peak system availability of 85% to 95%. The downtime associated with these assets represents a significant and often hidden cost to the company. By stochastic analysis of equipment related parameters, it is possible to provide early warning signs of deteriorating machine condition. The key advantage is that it can detect very small changes in signal values, well within their threshold values. The statistical techniques used by Ingenero are continually enhanced through research done at various academic institutions

The Ingenero Advantage

  • Advanced warning of deteriorating machine condition
  • Better utilization of planned shutdowns
  • Minimized incidence of unplanned downtime or disruptions
  • Lower equipment spares inventory costs
  • Increased asset availability
  • Continuous improvement in Return on Assets
  • Optimize maintenance schedules