Operations Support & Technical Consulting

Project Overview
Petrochemical facility in Malaysia Production maximisation, Furnace run length improvenment, High load tests, Specific energy consumption reduction..
Ethylene plant in Kentucky, USA Production maximisation, capacity utilisation, furnace yield improvement.
Ethylene plant in Louisiana, USA Specific energy consumption reduction.
Ethylene plant in the Middle East Furnace yield improvement, Furnace run length improvenment, CGC efficiency monitoring and improvement, Heat exchangers fouling monitoring, Ethylene loss reduction in tail gas and C2 splitter bottom
Ethylene plant in Louisiana, USA Specific energy consumption reduction, Q.W exchangers fouling monitoring, CGC fouling evaluation, chilling train performance improvement, acetylene reactor yield improvement and green oil reduction, C2 splitter bottom loss reduction.
Long chain alcohols plant in Louisiana, USA Production maximisation, capacity utilisation, Quality monitoring and improvement, transition tanks loss reduction, minimising changeovers (scheduling).
Coal Gasification facility in S. Africa Identify problems in ash locks and keep the problem event database evergreen, Identify problems in coal-locks. Create a problem event database for coal locks, Track wear out of grate and its impact on stability of GG, Identify jacket leak signatures and forecast possible leaks, Track heat transfer related metrics, Monitor heat transfer coefficients and flag poor performance in waste heat boilers and fin fan coolers, Yield monitoring at Gasifier level through Aspen model and statistical correlations and tracking impact of CO & Master set points on yield, determine optimal Steam/O2 setting, Reconciliation of CO2 analyzer with Aspen model.
VCM+EDC facility in Belgium Reduce variable cost, specific energy minimisation (including recovery, generation and consumption of energy), chemical additives reduction, reactors optimisation.
Ethylene plant in Nigeria Reduce caustic and DMDS consumption, reduce specific energy consumption, maximise production, and improve yields.
Butadiene facility in Houston, Texas, USA Monitor and suggest ways to minise fouling, improve plant runlength, reduce specific energy consumption, improve product purity, increase production and reduce solvent consumption.
Butadiene facility in France Monitor and suggest ways to minise fouling, improve plant runlength, reduce specific energy consumption, improve product purity, increase production and reduce solvent consumption.
LAB facility in USA Reduce specific energy consumption, reduce LAB slippage in W-18 column, benzene loss reduction, steam ejector performance monitoring and improvement, capacity evaluation, debottlenecking, benzene/paraffin splitter optimisation.
Study of energy loss in furnaces due to excess O2 content in flue gas and high stack temperature. Fuel gas consumption in furnaces has an impact on the operating economies of furnaces. Excess fuel gas firing not only results in loss of fuel gas but also results in excess soot formation, thereby reducing run length of furnaces. Studied High Load Fuel Gas Consumption, Fuel gas header pressure variation and Furnace Fuel Gas Firing Imbalance.
Pinch Study for an ethylene facility in USA & Malaysia Pinch analysis of ethylene plant to identify energy saving opportunities and debottlenecking Propylene Refrigeration (PR) system. Main recommendations included installation of new exchangers to recover heat from the 3rd, 4th and 5th stage discharge streams of CGC (preheat ethane feed); use of Quench Water as reboiling medium in Deethaniser & secondary Deethaniser, preheat Caustic Tower feed and C2H2 reactor feed; use of C2 splitter overhead vapor for preheating ethane feed and use of ERC vapors for preheating Deethaniser feed.
Energy Visualisation and monitoring tool Complex processes like coal gasification require a well defined and easy to use energy monitoring mechanism. The project was to develop such a tool that can be utilised by senior management as well as engineers to compare the energy cosumption figures in all the major equipments and provide suggestions for diagnosis.
Energy Audit for Ethylene Plant, Tasnee, KSA Energy Audit for Ethylene plant.
Enviornmental Monitoring Tool for Ras Laffan 
Olefin Company
Estimation of flaring volume from all the sources, Facilitation of periodic reporting of Flaring and Emission as per regulatory authority guidelines, Creating an up-to-date database of plant emission data, Optimum programming to improve model execution , Dynamic flow equations for actual pressure & temperature, Reporting of flaring as per regulatory authority
Pellet coating time reduction for CIPLA Report consisting laboratory trials undertaken, detailed comparison between laboratory scale and commercial scale plant runs and recommendations for optimizing the process with a view to minimize the coating time.
HDPE Plant: Study of Reaction cooling system & Ethylene let down system for Lyondell Basell Matagorda, USA Hysys 2006.5 files, HTRI & HTFS model files, HTRI & HTFS detailed output files, summary report of the study, process data sheets for the modified equipment, PFDs, PIDs for the recommended system, markups on equipment layout.