Pinch Analysis

In a highly competitive global economy, maximizing results by eliminating costly inefficiencies is critical.

Ingenero maximizes energy efficiency in both initial design and ongoing operations through best practices pinch analysis. Thermal Pinch Analysis is a systematic methodology for determining optimal energy efficiency. In most cases we find millions of dollars of annual operational savings (in facilities more than 15 years old). For Greenfield development we enable process engineers to properly integrate pinch tools into the conceptual process design phase, on which the foundation of the entire lifecycle is built.

Images Ingenero uses leading edge pinch analysis tools & techniques:

  • Identify opportunities for further heat integration
  • Lower the utility costs through reduction of utility consumption and costs; and
  • Gain more efficient usage of heat transfer equipment.

For existing facilities, Ingenero provides the most effective action plan by understanding complete energy balance for maximum efficiency, identifying suboptimal energy exchange between process streams, and analyzing the most cost effective balance between energy savings and capital expenditure to achieve optimal efficiency.

On short notice, Ingenero can pull together engineering scopes and feasibility studies to produce ready-to-use initial design work.

Our onsite dedicated teams are available to directly interact with the process specialists, should onsite be preferred to remotely analyzing. Regardless of geography, we use the highest thermodynamic principles to systematically analyze chemical processes and surrounding utility systems.

Ingenero's pinch analysis results in financial savings through better process heat integration. Maximum process-to-process heat recovery and for reduction of external utility loads are identified and action plans developed.