Projects Management & Consulting


Increase your engineering efficiency while lowering the cost by using Ingenero. Several companies have outsourced project management and execution to Ingenero to get it done with less administration, less distraction and at less cost. Ingenero provides affordable project outsourcing capability with a commitment of flawless delivery.

When to use Ingenero Project Management Services

  • When you desire resource continuity for the entire project.
  • When you’re ready for a associate who will scope the project to your environment, instead of scoping your project to “their” process.
  • When you can’t afford to fail, but can’t afford to pay more.
  • When you can’t afford the time to assemble a team from multiple contract vendors

Ingenero’s capabilities cover the full spectrum of project engineering scopes. Ingenero designs for operability on a turnkey basis or can provide engineering support and work for ongoing operations.

On short notice, Ingenero can pull together engineering scopes and feasibility studies to produce ready-to-use initial design work. In addition to capital projects, Ingenero has the engineering skill sets to provide Remote Monitoring and Plant Performance Management.

Remote Monitoring and Plant Performance Management

  • DCS configuration
  • DCS specification: number of inputs/outputs and controllers, specific custom built controls, operator displays
  • Inspection analysis
  • Simulation and process model development
  • Plant test-run design and data analysis

For major projects Ingenero can provide a dedicated team, individual engineers for special needs, or just handle specific parts of the project such as heat exchanger design or pressure safety valve work

Heat Exchanger Design

Ingenero can provide the design and rating for heat exchangers for use in industries, including oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, other chemical industries, and power plants. Recently, Ingenero designed a special feed water heater for a 40-megawatt power plant.

Pressure Safety Valves

Ingenero can quickly and accurately size pressure safety valves for plant expansions or for initial design.