Safety Analysis & Risk Mitigation


Ingenero specializes in process safety and risk management. We offer both consulting and training related services to assist our clients in reducing their risks possessed by hazardous materials. we help companies reduce the likelihood and consequences of releases, which helps protect employees and prevent damage to equipment and environment. Reducing these risks enhances quality and improves productivity.

"For any industry to be successful, it has become essential to identify the Hazards to assess the associated risks and to bring the risks to tolerable level."

Images Pressure Relief Systems – Ingenero Capability

  • Verification of relief devices and flares of existing system
  • Capacities determined using simulation as necessary
  • Documentation for existing systems
  • Adequacy assessment of existing systems
  • Design of new systems
  • Documentation of system design basis

Images Pressure Relief Systems – Software Utilized

  • Standards applied:
    • - API
    • - Local Authorities guidelines
    • - Client guidelines
    • - Software used:
    • - PSV Plus
    • - In house
  • Software used for simulation of the system:
    • - HYSYS 2004.2
    • - Aspen 2004.2

Images Pressure Relief Systems Experience – Processes

  • Crude Units
  • Fluidized Catalytic Cracking
  • Cokers
  • Aromatic Units
  • Reforming Units
  • Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Unit
  • Polymerization
  • LPG Terminals
  • Ammonia Terminals


"Ingenero ensure to build adequate safety measures for your organization to minimize the risk and facilitate a better environment"