Process Optimization and Key Performance Areas

Key Performance Areas Business Requirement Ingenero Offering
Plan Source Inventory Optimization Demand planning for accurately estimating expected future demand of products for gearing up the supply and distribution system.
Demand Forecasting.
Optimization of Sourcing Process.
Enterprise-wide Inventory Optimization.
Make Manufacturing Planning Improvement of operations efficiency, minimization of unplanned downtime and increase of asset availability. Process Simulation. 
Production Scheduling. 
Process Surveillance.
Deliver Network Optimization & Distribution Optimization Network planning for determining optimal network and distribution arrangements. Evaluating various possible future swap and facility sharing arrangements, taking into consideration physical constraints and cost implications.
Path allocation and re-engineering of network routes.
Scheduling of supply chain network - Multimodal transportation with varying capacity and multi time window delivery.
Warehouse optimization.
Logistics: Fleet Optimization Developing optimal movement schedules that ensure capacity utilization of the fleet.
Capacity Utilization and process optimization
Run route determination. Merge in-transit optimization.
Scheduling for a given fleet using customized optimizers.