Supply Chain

Efficient operation is more easily achieved when working capital, customer service, and profitability impact are understood and trade-offs identified. Ingenero simulates and builds linear and nonlinear models based on criterion provided to identify scenarios that mathematically model the highest profitability or chosen metric

Images The Ingenero Approach to Supply Chain


Understand Clients’ Requirements

  • Noting business challenges
  • Extracting date from ERP for modeling
  • Standardizing format required for model inputs
  • Identifying critical parameters

Develop Models

  • Understanding the current model
  • Customizing and upgrading Mathematical Model
  • Testing & implementing Mathematical Model

Ingenero Performs Evaluations and Training

  • Performance evaluation
  • Continuous remote monitoring
  • Rigorous scenario analysis from offsite

Achieve your best balance between supply drain constraints, customer demand, raw material inventory, production and finishing product inventory. Ingenero can provide the tools for your team or even be your team anywhere you need.