Why Ingenero

Career development
In Ingenero we offer a range of different training to our employees. Ingenero´s strategy is to provide lifelong training and development for our employees. We are open to individuals seeking new challenges within any number of fields. This provides employees with a wider range of knowledge and the chance to exchange knowledge, which in turn helps strengthen our total expertise, making Ingenero even better.

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Courses for new recruits; "Induction programme"
The purpose of the introduction programme is to ensure that all new employees gain a basic knowledge about Ingenero. The programme comprises an introduction to the organisational structure and the different sectors and departments.

Course for employees with little industry knowledge
This programme comprises basic training in a number of subjects. A series of mini-seminars aims to provide a general understanding of Ingenero’s commercial and technical disciplines, flow of information, interdisciplinary collaboration and network development.

Advance – Course for more experienced employees
The Advance Programme provides training for our more experienced employees, irrespective of their background.

Management development programme for our managers at different levels within the organisation
Our management development programme targets all employees at Ingenero with managerial responsibilities. The course teaches managerial skills, from the most basic skills to the more demanding managerial role required to direct major organisations.